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Preston Vance says he initially did not want to wear a mask, his gear is inspired by fan drawings

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

Preston "10" Vance appeared on "My Mom's Basement with Robbie Fox" to talk about the recent Brodie Lee tribute on AEW Dynamite, the inspiration behind his masks, Brodie Jr's booking ideas, training in New Jersey, how he grew to love the "10" character and more.

Here are some highlights:

Vance said he was not a fan of wearing the mask when the gimmick started:

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“When I was presented with it, I hated it. I never wore a mask on the indies. At that point we were heels. We were like this dark cult. I’m not a dark, mysterious person. This isn’t me at all, but I’m not going to say no, obviously. The more I got to do that, I would watch myself on TV, and I’m like, this is actually really cool because now I’m not just a normal looking body guy like all the guys that looked the same in 2005. Now I have this mask. They didn’t want me to hide my identity. They said, ‘Still pose up and be yourself.’ It’s almost like you put the mask on and you’re a different person.’ I’m like, that’s really cool. That makes sense.”

Preston said all the stuff he wears is pictures that fans drew:

“As far as the look goes, all the stuff I wear is pictures that fans drew of me. It’s cool because I’m thinking if I was a kid and I drew something, sent it to my favorite wrestler, and I saw him wear it on TV, I would be like, this is the coolest thing. That’s another aspect to connect with the crowd, not even in a physical way, but in a super sentimental way.”

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