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Real-life heat between Dr. Britt Baker, DMD and Thunder Rosa?

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

The lines of kayfabe and storyline are being blurred between Dr. Britt Baker, DMD and Thunder Rosa.

Last night on AEW Dynamite, Baker made a reference to Rosa's body language at AEW Revolution during her entrance. The story on that is that shortly before she went out to the ring, the finish to the match was changed and instead of having Rosa win, she would lose to set up a rematch on next week's Dynamite.

During a promo last night Baker said about Rosa, "it's funny how you had a little more pep in your step getting down the ramp tonight huh? I guess that's how it works when you think you actually have a shot at beating your opponent."

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Rosa's husband Brian Cervantes commented on Baker's promo: "Britt Baker with a pathetic attempt at a promo! #AEWDynamite"

Baker responded, "Stick to booking women’s basement wrestling and I’ll handle being a TV star."

The Steel Cage match between Rosa and Baker is set for next week in San Antonio, Texas.