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Reason why Bryan Danielson isn’t using The Final Countdown song in AEW

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

Bryan Danielson made his AEW debut at Sunday’s All Out pay-per-view event. However, he didn’t use The Final Countdown by Europe as his theme song. Instead, the music is called Born For Greatness by Elliott Taylor.

Danielson used The Final Countdown song when he was on the independent scene and ROH before going to WWE.

Dave Meltzer noted on today’s Wrestling Observer Radio that an attempt was made by AEW President Tony Khan to get the song, but it would’ve cost too much money to license the music.

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“So The Final Countdown will not, as you can see, they played a version of Last of the Valkyrie, a remix of that. There was, in fact, an attempt to have him come out to The Final Countdown figuring the place would explode, which they did anyway, but even for Tony Khan it was cost-prohibitive.”

Although not officially announced just yet, the belief is Danielson will be on Wednesday's Dynamite.