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Reason why Paul Wight vs. QT Marshall was the co-main event of AEW All Out

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

AEW All Out was arguably the best pay-per-view in all of wrestling thus far this year and the promotion has been heavily praised for the product that it presented on Sunday night.

Some fans wondered why Paul Wight vs. QT Marshall was booked in the co-main event spot of the card considering the top matches that were booked ahead of it.

Dave Meltzer noted on today’s Wrestling Observer Radio that AEW was worried about the show going long so if they had to cut any match this would be it. That’s also part of the reason for the match going so short.

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“So, can I tell the story about why this match was in this spot? Because they were afraid that all the matches would go long, and if they did, this could be axed. That’s why it was put in this spot.”

The match went about three minutes and marked the AEW in-ring debut for the former WWE Champion.

UPDATE: Meltzer took to Twitter to clarify the reason by writing the following: