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Reby Hardy fires back at fans who say she and Matt Hardy were enablers for Jeff Hardy

Reby Hardy posted a video on TikTok today to shut down certain fans who are saying that she and Matt Hardy enabled Jeff Hardy.

Reby said that she booked the recent event where Jeff appeared and she made sure that alcohol was not served. Reby also said that she and Matt walked Jeff his hotel room that night and there wasn't much more that she and Matt could have done.

Reby made it clear that she will not speak about Jeff's situation again and that she is not responsible for the actions of a "fully grown man." Reby added that she and Matt have had she and Matt have been through this before and it's "very triggering" and she deals with it with "stupid humor." was told by someone who saw Jeff on Sunday that there were no signs that he was under the influence.

As noted earlier today, AEW has suspended Jeff without pay and the door is open for him to return as long as he goes to treatment.

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