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A recently released WWE NXT star wrestled today at the AEW Dark tapings in Orlando, Florida.

Per JJ Williams, who is attending the tapings, Cole Karter was there. Karter previously wrestled in NXT as Troy "Two Dimes" Donovan, one of Tony D'Angelo's henchmen.

Karter was released by the company reportedly due to a "policy violation." Dave Meltzer later reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Donovan failed a drug test.

Donovan was reportedly told by John Laurinaitis that if everything is clear, he should apply for a job again in a year so the door is open for him to return to WWE at some point. Donovan appeared on one more NXT show before his exit from TV because they had some shows taped ahead of time and the following week it was implied that he was killed off because it was said that he was "swimming with the fishes" after he was apparently thrown off a bridge.

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This isn't Donovan's first time working matches for AEW. He previously worked some Dark tapings last year. The last time he appeared on Dark prior to today's taping was on the 10/23 show where he teamed with Carlie Bravo and Arjun Singh. They lost a 3-on-1 handicap match to Paul Wight.