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Ric Flair praises AEW for allowing their stars to cut more personal promos

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair spoke to Wrestling Inc. on the WINCLY podcast about a wide range of topics. 

During the interview, the legendary pro wrestling was asked about AEW handling their promos with its talent as they are allowing talent to cut longer and more personal promos.

This is just one of many differences that they have with booking their product compared to WWE. While WWE has writers come up with promos and then give scripts to wrestlers to repeat, AEW has a different approach. 

All Elite Wrestling is old school in the way of giving their talent bullet points to go off of with promos. This is something that Flair likes. 

“That’s a very positive part of their promotion. I think Jericho’s done a hell of a job. The piece they did for Cody getting ready for the championship match I thought was great. It was very true and heartfelt,” said Flair.

“It’s like when Roman came out and told the world that he had leukemia. I was just there the week before and I never heard anything about it. I was like, ‘Holy Christ. How do I not know this?'”

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