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Ric Flair says a promoter has offered to bring him out of retirement for a match with AEW’s Sammy Guevara

As noted earlier, Ric Flair had a lot to say about his legacy and WWE on his latest podcast.

Flair said, “I can understand why in someone’s mind they can say, ‘Well, we can get rid of Ric Flair.’ That’s fine because I really didn’t do much (in WWE). I had a great run in ‘91. I became The World Champion twice for them, but actually, as I’ve said before, they saved my career by bringing me back into the company, and then I had an 8 year run with those guys. Without that 8 year run, I’m not Ric Flair. Every time like when I was talking earlier in the show and I get upset with them, I have to think back to what really helped me become who I am, why I’m able to have an income, be successful at 72, and not have to rely on wrestling.”

Host Mark Madden said, ‘Even at 72, there’s always this lure of ‘One more match’. Even if it’s just in your mind.’

Flair: “Yea. listen. It’s funny you brought that up because there’s a promoter in Israel that wants me to wrestle your buddy, Sammy Guevara in Israel. I said, ‘$100,000 and two first class tickets and I’m there. 50% and 50 % after I beat Sammy (he laughs).”

Flair at the end of the podcast went back to talking about his legacy:

“When I had talked about my legacy being erased, I need to get back to what I had tweeted about wanting back. I was having a difficult time, with obviously rough divorce, you can’t be paying out alimony to three women. That’s not the best formula to live by, so when Hunter called me to buy that belt, I sold it to him for $50,000. I also took the ‘92 Royal Rumble belt which Vince let me keep when they brought the new belt. I gifted it to him with a note saying, ‘I wish I could have dropped it to you in 1986, meaning when I was good at what I was doing.’ That’s how much I thought of our friendship.  I have asked for that back because that’s part of my legacy. I said, ‘I want to pay for them. Why do you want them? You can’t put me on the front of your show, but you want to hold something that nobody else in that whole company had been, but me?” That’s the kind of stuff that upsets me. I want to buy it back. I don’t expect him to give it to me, but it’s mine.”

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