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Ricky Starks says doctors told him he was close to being paralyzed after suffering a neck injury in 2021

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

After making a name for himself in the NWA, Ricky Starks made the jump to AEW where he has been regularly used. However, his career nearly came to an end last year.

In April 2021, he worked a singles match with “Hangman” Adam Page where he suffered a fractured neck. The injury happened when landed on the back of his head after attempting to land on his feet from a german suplex. Starks eventually made a comeback after being out of action for a few months.

Starks detailed the incident during his conversation with Z100’s Josh Martinez. He pointed out how people thought he broke his ankle on the spot, but that wasn’t the case. He recalled telling the doctor that he landed badly. When he went to his hotel, he noticed something didn’t feel right with his neck so he went to go get an MRI. The next day he couldn’t turn his neck. He went to get it double-checked and went to see three different doctors.

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“Every time I see that clip that someone shares online, I can’t watch it and I don’t want to relive it. It’s such a — it’s a very traumatic thing for me and I don’t think people really get it to the level of it does still bother me to this day in terms of the mental where it’s like I could have lost everything. Doctors said that I was so close to being paralyzed and I couldn’t — man, I couldn’t even fathom that.”

He explained that he couldn’t live with his family having to witness that on TV and he’s glad that everything worked out. Starks added, “That was insane and scary to think about because I could have lost it all.”

The AEW star was most recently in action at AEW Revolution as a part of the Face of The Revolution Ladder match where he took a nasty powerbomb from Wardlow where he landed on a ladder, but was said to be fine after the match.

H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcription