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Ruby Soho comments on AEW crowds, why she wears a patch of Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan on her jacket

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

Ruby Soho is the guest this week on the AEW Unrestricted podcast. She talked about debuting at All Out on the same night as Bryan Danielson and Adam Cole, what Tony Khan said to her backstage, her favorite moments during the match with Dr. Britt Baker at AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam, her friendship with Lars Frederiksen from Rancid, the TBS Title tournament, and a lot more.

Soho explained why she has a patch on her jacket of Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan when she comes to the ring:

“When Sarah first got released, Liv and I both wanted to take her with us every time we entered the ring. Every single time, we always wanted to have her with us because who we were as a team wouldn’t be anything without each other. We were sisters on screen and off screen. Those are my best friends in the whole world, and they are the reason I’m who I am today, the performer I am today, and the woman I am today. It’s because of those two girls. We’re so different that we just complimented each other really well and brought out the best in each other. We always wanted to carry her with us, so both of us had the patch on our jacket to represent Sarah, and it was over our hearts. When I was coming in to debut for AEW, I realized I wanted to carry that on, and I wanted to bring them with me, always. I wanted to make sure that I brought them both with me to the ring because they were my strength and they still are my strength. I thought it was really important having all these patches that have a lot of meaning to me. Those are the ones that mean the most because I always take my girls with me.”

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Ruby said she has worked with a lot of the wrestlers in AEW on the independent scene in the past:

“It’s really awesome to be with so many of my friends that we grinded for so many years where cars are breaking down. There’s not a whole lot of fans in the audience, but we were still trying to put on the best show that we possibly could. I felt like I was new, but it was familiar at the same time because I had known so many people there. I’m very proud to have been an independent wrestler. I feel like it has made me who I am today, and that grind is something I’m very proud to have done for six years before I even entered national television. One thing I do love about AEW is it has an independent feel to it, even down to the crowd. I feel like the energy in the arenas has an intimate bingo hall feel, but with a huge arena environment. It’s like you feel the fans are right there even though they are really far away. You feel like they are right there with you. On the independents, we weren’t trying to come after each other’s spot. We were just trying to put on the best show possible, and that’s how I feel AEW is. We’re a team just trying to put on the best show possible. Nobody is trying to come after anybody’s spot. We’re just trying to put on this product that we’re all very, very proud of. It definitely has that indie wrestling feel which is one that I love so much where we are trying to prove ourselves, but with the arena and the national TV exposure environment. I love it.”

Ruby goes on to say, ‘It’s beautiful. It’s what we all dream of as independent wrestlers. This place is like, if we had to dream of a perfect place where one day we can all go to this company. We’re going to be on national television, but we’re going to have a say where we can be ourselves. Our boss is going to be super cool, and we’re going to have a lot of fun. We can wrestle our friends. We can put on amazing matches. Like, wouldn’t that be cool, and then it became a reality.”

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