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As noted earlier, Andrade El Idolo recently did an interview where he claimed that he was in a backstage incident with Sammy Guevara after Guevara allegedly claimed that he was hit too hard during a match.

Andrade said, "I said it to your FACE if you had a problem with me and you said NOTHING, I wont beat your ass because im a professional, don’t be scared. When I say something I name names, and im not scared to get fired! #Sammy"

Guevara responded, "YOU didnt say sh*t to me you liar but heres some truth you ungrateful prick You would be jobless if it wasn’t for your dad in law. Are you really mad at me or mad at yourself for failing to get over for a SECOND time. Just go back to Wwe like we all know you want to do & f*ck off"

Again, it's possible that this is all a work to build towards a match. Of course, there's the possibility that there are real issues here as well. Andrade El Idolo is scheduled to wrestle Preston Vance this Friday on Rampage in a career vs. mask match.

I suppose we'll know soon if Andrade and Guevara are working or if these issues are legit.

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UPDATE: The tweet below indicates that this is all an angle.

"Ok I’m a liar 😂 see you on Wednesday!!

I'll tell you to your face again!!! and nothing you say that you do not have any problem!"