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Santana & Ortiz: Trent's mom Sue had to be convinced to give them the finger, why they chose AEW over WWE

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

The Inner Circle's Santana and Ortiz were Chris Jericho's guest on the latest "Talk is Jericho" podcast.

They explain why it was a tough decision not to go to WWE and sign with AEW. They also talk about the highly-acclaimed Parking Lot Brawl from AEW Dynamite, how it was filmed in one shot, the nasty bumps on the cars, the initial call they got from Cody Rhodes about joining the Inner Circle, LAX, Impact Wrestling, Konnan, shoot jobs working security, the real New York, wrestling in Europe and Germany, learning from Jerry Lynn and more.

Here are some highlights from the podcast;

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The Inner Circle's Santana and Ortiz talked about the Parking Lot Match on AEW: Ortiz said “It was what it needed to be. We went into the match saying we need this to be a really good blow off. I think the build-up was decent to good but I think we needed the exclamation point at the end. I’m happy we delivered. Thanks to Jerry Lynn for funneling all our ideas and setting it up to be the best possible match. I’m really happy with it. We did this in one take. At one point I remember telling one of the production guys not to yell cut. We were so hyped up and so at that point where if we had to cut anything, it would have killed the whole match. We talked about things over the week and figured out some things we wanted to do, but it was pretty much that day. We got with each other and went over it all day. We put together a group chat with all of us and my main thing was making sure that all four of our visions were being put out there and everyone had their say. We started throwing out ideas of what weapons we wanted to use and what props we wanted to get together. We were sharing other parking lot matches trying to get an idea for our match. Shout out to Sue (Trent’s mom). I think there was no better way to end the match than with her giving us the finger. We had to convince her the whole day to do it because she didn’t want to give us the finger and we were like, that is taking the match from here to way up here. That is the icing on the cake.”

WWE was interested in signing them before AEW: “We were talking with Regal for a few months. They told us they were really interested in having us. They had seen what we were doing with Impact and on the indies as we were working a lot with Progress and WXW. We kept it real with Regal. I also appreciated that he kept it real with us. He told us, 'no decision is a wrong decision right now for you guys. You are in a prime spot and be smart about it and whatever you feel is the best, you do what is right for you and your family.' It definitely was a tough decision. We made the decision to go to AEW. We start to tell Regal that and he could sense what we are saying and he says, 'Stop. If you haven’t put pen to paper yet, then just keep me informed but if there is something else that you want or you need from us, and we can make it work, let us know.' The conversation before that, we told them, this is what we want and this is how we want it to go and they said yes to everything. We took the chance because we both have young children. We know back in the old days, you didn’t see your children grow up. We wanted to be dads and raise our kids while still continuing to do what we love to do. Best case scenario (with WWE) would be we blow up and become the best tag team. We would not be able to raise our children.”

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