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Scorpio Sky on why he stepped away from SCU, pressure to come up with a team name with Ethan Page, their fashion sense, more

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

AEW star Scorpio Sky was recently interviewed on Chris Van Vliet's "INSIGHT" podcast to talk about stepping away from SCU, Ethan Page, AEW Double Or Nothing, fashion, and much more.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

Scorpio Sky was asked if he was put with Ethan Paige as a team because they are both well dressed:

“I don’t know if maybe they looked at us backstage and were like, ‘These are the two best dressed guys. We should just put them together.’ I don’t know if that’s what it was. But, you know, we bounce off each other. The funny thing is he has his style and I have mine and they are different, but at the same time, they go together. We don’t plan it. We will wear what we wear and then stand next to each other. It’s like, wow, the flowers in my shirt match the colors in your shirt. It’s things like that and it kind of falls into place. That’s how I am in and my team has been since we started. Things have just fallen into place and we have this weird chemistry that I didn’t see coming. I don’t think anybody saw it coming. I think when they put us together before it was like, ‘This is weird. I don’t get it. I like both of these guys individually, but as a team, this is strange.’ But, it’s working. Sometimes magic just happens when you don’t expect it.”

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Has there been pressure from the fans to come up with a name for the team?

“There has been pressure from the fans. Everyone was like, ‘They have to have a name.’ I’m like, why do we have to have a name? I like to think of us as two singles wrestlers teaming rather than a tag team. I don’t necessarily think the tag team titles are our goal. Obviously, if we get there, we will wrestle for them. We have a common goal of conquering and getting TV time, and getting the respect we deserve, and hopefully one of us getting the TNT Championship at some point. But, if it leads to a tag title shot, obviously we’ll swing at that. There has been a little bit of a discussion between the two of us about a name. We have not solidified one yet. I don’t know if we ever will, but we will see.”

Scorpion on why he embraced stepping away from SCU:

“I told Frankie and Chris, ‘You guys have already created your legacy. Anything you do from here on out is extra, but you guys are legends. You guys have been champions in multiple places. As a team, you are legends, and individually you are legends. If everything ended today for all three of us, I would think I would be known as just the third member of SCU. I need to step away and I need to create my own path.’ That’s what everything going forward is triggered for me. That’s the direction I’m going, is creating my own path. I still rely on them for guidance because they are two of the best ever and they are both so intelligent. I’ve learned so much. They have taken me to that next level. Whether it’s on camera or not, SCU is always going to be a thing behind the scenes. Again, it’s time for me to create my own legacy.”

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