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SCU on being first AEW tag champs, 'worst town ever' tag line, who they want to face in AEW, the stacked tag team division, more

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Kelsi caught up with SCU (Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky) while at Starrcat IV during AEW Full Gear weekend in Baltimore, MD.

Here are some of the topics discussed during the interview:

  • On becoming the first AEW World Tag Team Champions
  • Thoughts on Scorpio Sky joining the team while in ROH
  • The Rocky III spoof on Being The Elite
  • Who they look forward to facing in AEW
  • AEW's stacked tag team division

On becoming the first AEW World Tag Team Champions:

Scorpio Sky: "It's amazing because I wasn't even going to be in the tournament originally. I had to step up on a hair's notice. Luckily I had a great partner that I know very well. We had the support of Christopher Daniels all the way and first AEW tag team champions, 20 years from now you'll be able to look back and see Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky. It's quite an honor."

Frankie Kazarian: "It's very cool. I've been doing this 21 years and being the first of anything at this stage of the game is very cool and being a tag team champion especially for this company is something I don't take lightly or don't take for granted. We want to hold on to these titles for a long time. This is gonna be in the history books, you can never take this away from us…"

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On AEW's heavy focus on tag team wrestling:

Scorpio Sky: "This is the best tag team division in the world by far and it's good to be right at the top of it."

Scorpio Sky on joining Daniels and Kazarian in ROH: "The biggest thing for me was to not get in their way and to blend in as best as I could because they teamed for so long, they had such good chemistry. I didn't want to come in and mess up their chemistry and second, I didn't want to come in and be 'oh, there's Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels and that guy that they have with them.' I really tried to work hard to be their partner and not their dead weight that they're dragging behind them. They definitely helped me out a lot. The gelling came so naturally and great. Traveling together and knowing each other for years helped along.

Kazarian on Scorpio Sky joining the team in ROH: "I knew Scorpio Sky was one of the best wrestlers in the world 10 years ago. I've known him a long time. He was one of those guys that for whatever reason just couldn't catch the break that he deserved. There were people less talented that got to higher levels that weren't putting in the work, weren't as talented, didn't take it as seriously as this guy. When the opportunity came up to have a third, he was the first person and the only person on the list. He talks about being worried about getting in the way, there's nobody else that could fit in with what Christopher Daniels and myself have done better than him. He's a brother, he's a friend, he's a fellow tag team champion and the whole dynamic of SCU changed when he got into the mix."

Scorpio Sky on the "worst town ever" tag line: "Matt Jackson decided to put us on Being The Elite and basically wanted us to do what we do to just get on there and be ourselves. I've got two of the most creative guys, not only in the ring but verbally as well so I didn't even want to try to get on their level so I just said 'hey, I'm just gonna say the same thing every time.' It started out - if you look at the first few episodes, I'm like 'this is the worst town I've ever been in.' Obviously, as it caught on eventually it was 'THIS IS…!' I was like maybe 498 on the PWI 500 before that line and here were are two years later and I've dropped two hundred and something categories."

Scorpio Sky on the AEW tag team division: "I think the AEW tag team division is probably the most stacked division in all of professional wrestling right now. We are gonna face everybody at some point, they are all gonna get their shot and they're all gonna go down."

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