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Eddie Kingston has overcome a lot in his pro wrestling career and is over with the fans in AEW after making his promotional debut in July 2020, where he faced off against Cody Rhodes for the TNT Championship.

He impressed many, including AEW President Tony Khan, and signed with the company. Kingston is considered to be among the best talkers in the promotion.

Kingston was recently subjected to a lot of body-shaming by fans who believe anyone with a beer gut can’t be an athlete. Sean Waltman took to Twitter and defended Kingston:

“Most of these criticisms come from people who don’t have the 1st clue what makes someone a good athlete. FYI: It has zero to do with whether or not you can see their 6 pack.”

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Kingston is currently feuding with Chris Jericho as they will have a deathmatch on the July 20th edition of Dynamite with the JAS in a shark cage above the ring, a gimmick match that Discovery wanted to tie in with Shark Week.