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Serena Deeb recalls what it was like reuniting with CM Punk backstage in AEW after 12 years

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

During a Q&A on, Serena Deeb shared her thoughts on the NWA, NWA Women's Champion Kamille, and what it was like to reconnect with CM Punk in AEW.

Serena was asked to give her thoughts on the NWA and Kamille as NWA Women’s Champion:

“I haven’t watched a lot of recent stuff to be honest, and that’s simply because I’m so busy," Deeb said.

"I love NWA. I love so many people there and I support what they’re doing, but I haven’t seen a lot of recent stuff so it’s hard to comment on that, however, I think the work ethic is there," she continued.

"Sometimes with wrestling, the mind has to catch up to the body. She’s obviously physically able to do all of these things, but it takes the mind some time. It’s different for every person. We’ve been in COVID for two years, so a lot of that regular training and stuff has been really limited. I know even leading up to our match, I think she was training as much as possible, but COVID had its limitations."

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"I think once things open up, there’s more freedom, and the world gets back to normalcy, I think it will click for her, but like I said, it takes time.”

Deeb worked in WWE with CM Punk as part of the Straight Edge Society. Deeb was asked if she had a chance to connect with Punk now that both are in AEW:

“I haven’t seen or spoken to him in 10, 11, or 12 years," Serena revealed.

"We obviously both went in these different directions and had all these different life changes. We both grew up a lot."

"I remember the first time I saw him, it was like, hey, we’re cool. Everything’s great. Here we are at AEW together. We had a moment where we both had things to say to each other, like personal things to say to each other that were both well received. We gave each other a big hug and now I’m so happy he’s there, and I would love to do something with him there. I truly would.”

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