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In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer wrote about a story that surfaced in regards to something said at a talent meeting by Kenny Omega.

Omega reportedly gave the locker room a pep talk with some words said that were construed by some as "tough love" and others being irked by what was said. Omega reportedly said that he wouldn't have hired eight out of every ten people on the roster.

Meltzer said that he absolutely said that line and one version of the story is that he was being comedic when he said it and he was looking at Will Ospreay when he said it. Omega reportedly said that he was just messing with Ospreay when he said it. Ospreay and Omega have gone back and forth on Twitter in recent months and it's clear that they are working to build an eventual singles match.

However, others took what Omega said as serious and they were upset about what he said. Others who were there said that what he said was totally misinterpreted and taken out of context. Meltzer added that Omega also said, "that the overall energy and locker room at the start of the company was more positive, perhaps in trying to recreate that time and place with the current roster."

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