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Swerve Strickland talks about creating his Lucha Underground character and why he felt the promotion didn’t succeed

Swerve Strickland was on this week’s “Talk Is Jericho” to discuss meeting with Tony Khan for the first time, coming up with his new ring name, creating the Killshot character, and why he feels Lucha Underground didn’t succeed.

Swerve talking about meeting Tony Khan after getting released by WWE:

“I met with him at his hotel after February or something like that. We talked for like an hour and a half, and then like the last 10 minutes, it was about wrestling,” he said.

“That’s how cool we really meshed. We talked a lot about football. I’m a huge football fan.”

On how he came up with the name Swerve:

“So it was like back in 2010 Kanye (West). Him and the Good Music people had a song come out, Mercy, and Big Sean was like the hottest dude at the time. He kept saying, ‘Swerve’ (in the song). I was like, this is so smooth.”

On how he came up with the Killshot character in Lucha Underground:

“They had an idea to put me in a mask. They had no idea what the character was going to be because I wasn’t a Robert Rodriguez creation. Prince Puma was a Robert Rodriguez creation. The Son of Havoc was created by him. Thunder Rosa’s character was one, Cobra Moon. There were quite a few,” he said.

“So I came up with Killshot who was a military character and all the stuff. Then after the season I was like, ‘Oh, I feel like I just wrestle matches. I don’t feel like there’s any meat to me.’ So during the break after we filmed the season, I was writing more depth to the character. I’m a Metal Gear Solid fan, so I put some espionage in there and they liked that.”

On why he feels Lucha Underground didn’t succeed:

“It was growing in popularity, but I don’t feel like the studio wanted to spend the money to grow it. We should have been touring with that roster. Merchandising, they didn’t want to spend the money on that.”

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