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Taz responds to fan questioning FTW Title being a real championship in AEW

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

Since AEW decided to use the FTW Title on Dynamite, some fans have not recognized the title as being a real championship even though it’s defended on television.

Wednesday’s episode of Dynamite will see Brian Cage defend the FTW Title against Will Hobbs. Thus far, Cage has been the only champion since the title was brought back by Taz to be used. Initially, it was done as a way to hype a champion vs. champion match with Cage and AEW World Heavyweight titleholder Jon Moxley.

Taz hyped the match on Twitter by writing, “FTW Championship has always been renegade, antiestablishment & unconventional. That has never changed & that will never change. Tomorrow night title makes history once again, it will be defended on worldwide TV. I’m very proud of that & very appreciative. @AEW #AEWDynamite.”

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This got a response by a fan who wrote, “I still can't believe it's a real championship.”

Taz reacted with, “What is a “real” championship? •Does it have to be defended or possessed by more than one person in it’s history? •Does it have to be defended on a pay-per-view? •Does it have to be defended on worldwide TV?•Does it need its own Wikipedia page?”