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Thea Trinidad has signed a contract and it’s not with AEW

Thea Trinidad had been on the free-agent market after her 90-day non-compete clause expired in her WWE contract.

She was released by WWE last November for reasons related to WWE’s new third-party edict. Sports Illustrated reported that it was due to her breaching her contract.

With Andrade having his release request be granted by WWE last Sunday night and him not being under such a clause, he’s able to sign with any promotion that he wants. With them being such a great pairing in WWE, many thought he would do an act with Trinidad, who portrayed Zelina Vega in WWE. However, it appears that won’t be happening in the near future.

Dave Meltzer reported in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Andrade and Trinidad reuniting as a pair in wrestling won’t be happening at least right now.

Meltzer wrote, “Trinidad has signed a deal, we don’t know with who or even that it’s with a wrestling promotion, but the deal she signed would not allow her to work for another wrestling company and it was not with AEW.”

Meltzer added that the deal is “somewhat of a short-term thing” and “the door wasn’t shut on her eventually working with AEW but it won’t be any time imminently.”

A few months ago, Andrade had trademarked the name La Sombra so not only was he thinking of leaving WWE at least that far back, but plans to use it going forward as he had been doing before joining the company years ago.

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