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Thunder Rosa addresses criticism she and Britt Baker received for bleeding during Steel Cage match

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

Thunder Rosa beat Britt Baker this past Wednesday night on the St. Patrick’s Day Slam edition of AEW Dynamite to win the Women’s Title inside of a steel cage.

It took place a year after their Unsanctioned Lights Out match at the same AEW special. Rosa did an interview with NBC Sports Boston where she spoke about the criticism of the match being violent and them bleeding.

“Everybody’s gonna criticize no matter what. I mean, even on Wednesday, people were criticizing. ‘Why are you guys — why is there so much blood? Why is there so much? Why are you so violent? Why is this? Why is that?’ It’s like people are programmed a certain way and they have been programmed for professional wrestling for decades a certain way because of how things have been handled before. “

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Rosa recalled reading things about her having the Mariachi band for her entrance and in 2004 when Brock Lesnar made fun of Eddie Guerrero with the band. She said that criticism hurts because she represented her culture properly with honor and respect. She brought up how fans used to make fun of women’s wrestling and calling it the popcorn match.

Rosa said they’ve changed the narrative about women’s wrestling and worked hard for a long time to do that.

“You guys can criticize us all you want but we’re working really hard and every single company I feel, because we’re changing things little by little and I’ll tell you, myself, I’m taking that to a next level.”

Rosa mentioned running a women’s promotion and she feels that every match is a banger. She is slated to relinquish the Warrior Wrestling Women’s Champion on April 23rd.

H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcript