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Thunder Rosa defeated Britt Baker to win AEW Women's World Title on AEW Dynamite


Thunder Rosa won the AEW World Championship for the first time on tonight's AEW Dynamite in San Antonio. Rosa won the match inside of a steel cage.

It was a blood bath with weapons involved. Rosa may have won the match earlier but the referee was knocked out of the ring after taking a superkick from Baker. There were some crazy spots in the match including Baker doing an Air Raid crash to Rosa onto a stack of chairs. Moments later, Baker's back crashed through chairs that were stacked in the opposite side of the ring. Rosa took a bump on thumbtacks but she broke free and won the match after powerbombing Baker on the tacks and hitting the Fire Thunder Driver into the tacks.

Rosa previously beat Baker last year in a bloody match on Dynamite but it did not count for the official records because it was billed as an unsanctioned math. Baker beat Rosa at AEW Revolution to set up tonight's rematch in the cage.

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