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Thunder Rosa shares what it would mean to her and those worldwide if she beats Dr. Britt Baker at AEW Revolution

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

Denise Salcedo spoke with Thunder Rosa this week on her YouTube channel to discuss how it would feel to win the AEW Women's Championship at AEW Revolution.

"I don't know if you remember when Eddie Guerrero won the championship in California," Rosa began. "I feel like it's going to be very similar to that or even bigger, because when was the last time that a Mexican born wrestler wins a major title in a major company."

"Just imagine, it's not only about being a Mexican, but being a Latina. When was the last time that a Latina not only represents Mexicans, but also represents so many other countries?”

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She continues, “I can't tell you how many Nicaraguans, Costa Ricans, Cubans, and Puerto Ricans, stop at my table and say you represent me. That's huge."

"So just imagine when I am on my knees holding this thing, probably shaking after having a badass match, how many people are going to be crying out their homes with me of happiness, because this is not only an achievement for Thunder Rosa, this is an achievement for so many people of color that struggle every single day, in their own way, to live their dreams, and they finally achieved them."

Check out the entire video interview from Denise Salcedo's channel below.

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