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Thunder Rosa talks about the impact Dustin Rhodes has had on her AEW career

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

Thunder Rosa was this week's guest on "Throwing Down With Renee and Miesha" where she discussed what she'd like to accomplish as AEW Women's Champion, and how Dustin Rhodes has impacted her career.

Thunder Rosa was asked what she would like to do now that she is the AEW Women’s Champion:

“I just really hope there’s an opportunity for me to be a fighting champion," she said. "I would love to travel with the championship."

"Now we have some connections with Japan. I worked in Tokyo Joshi Pro. I would love it if there's an opportunity for me to bring the championship and defend it in Japan or if there’s an opportunity to defend it in Mexico. It’s some of the stuff we haven’t done yet.”

“I’m really huge on bringing a different style of wrestling, and I think that it would be interesting if I would be able to work with people that you guys probably haven’t seen before in working that different style to showcase what we can do. I’m really hoping that we’re given this opportunity,” she continued.

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“I think there is a huge opportunity for me to bring a different look to the Women’s Championship. As you guys know, I do a lot of stuff in the community, and I want to make sure that I represent the company with a lot of honor and respect. I bring the title every time I come and do something in the community because it’s important for those kids, and women and men, to see that someone that looks like them can make it far and be an example for that.”

Thunder Rosa credits Dustin Rhodes for helping her in AEW:

“He keeps me grounded," Rosa revealed when asked about Dustin.

"I’m a very emotional person, so when I don’t like something, I can’t mask it. He’s always like, ‘Thunder, you got to calm down. You know you got this.’ He’s like my pep talker."

"He hugs me all the time. He says, ‘You know you got this. From the moment you came to this company, I knew it.” I remember that moment. He saw me doing something and he’s like, ‘You’re something else.’ He always reminds me how bad ass I am, and I have to believe in myself every single time."

"We talk about that all the time, and we talk about how I have to stay focused and I have to make sure that I don’t get distracted with the background noise. I have a goal. Yes, I have achieved the highest level right now, but I know we can bring it to another high level. I’m a high achiever. I get something, I enjoy it, I’m smelling the roses right now, but I know this is going to lead into something else.”

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