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Timeframe of three AEW wrestlers testing positive for COVID-19 last year

Chris Jericho revealed on a recent episode of his podcast, Talk Is Jericho, that he had tested positive for COVID-19 back in September.

This came after the reveal that Nick Jackson also battled COVID-19 in the same month. This was at a time where there was an outbreak in both AEW and WWE. Lance Archer and Ben Carter also tested positive for the virus around this time.

Dave Meltzer gave some additional details on this string of positive COVID cases during the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio. The positive cases came around September 12th, which was at a time where AEW taped a few episodes of Dynamite. It was pointed out that Jericho was still on TV at this time, but it was explained by Jericho on the podcast that he had enough time to quarantine and self-isolate himself in between the tapings.

Thus, the timeframe of the positive tests would be from September 11 through September 23. The belief is that Jericho got the virus from a family friend.

Regarding Archer, Meltzer stated, “he would have been out about the same timeframe as Nick Jackson, I think they were pretty much identical timeframes. He got it from, I’m trying to remember the exact story, it was from a family member who may have gotten it from a friend when they took the dog to a vet, I think it was something like that. It was all around the same time though, it’s interesting.

“Nick Jackson got it real bad, but he doesn’t know whether he got it from the taping or the airport.”


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