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Tony Khan addresses why Hulk Hogan is banned from all AEW shows

Earlier this week, AEW President Tony Khan came out and revealed that not only is WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan banned from attending all AEW shows, but his ex-wife, Linda, as well.

At the time, Khan was responding to a post by Linda over the rioting amid the positive protests over the death of George Floyd. At the time, Khan sent a simple yet direct statement to her by writing, “You’ve now joined your husband in being banned from all AEW shows. Congratulations.”

Khan issued a statement to Dave Meltzer that was shared in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Khan stated, “What he said on the tape, long before George Floyd, I’ve told people I can’t work with Hulk Hogan. How can I look my Black friends, football players, employees in the face or myself in the mirror after the things he said and has never given an adequate apology for. He can’t blame what he said on tape on the dangers of social media.”

The comments made on tape that Khan is referring to was Hogan making racist remarks that were leaked in 2015. It was reported back in 2018 that Hogan apologized to the WWE roster while backstage at the WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view.

This is where he stated that he didn’t know he was being recorded at the time. While some people accepted his apology, there were others who didn’t. Despite the mixed feelings, Hogan is back in the WWE family.

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