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Tony Khan discusses avoiding WCW’s mistakes with AEW

All Elite Wrestling is still buzzing online with fans just 13 days after the official launch of the promotion. This is a positive sign for the newly launched company.

With several talents confirmed to be under contract with AEW, now, the promotion must tackle getting a television deal done, booking more talent, and events as well as making partnerships with other promotions.

All Elite Wrestling President Tony Khan recently made an appearance Sean “X-Pac” Waltman’s podcast where he talked about a wide range of topics including the challenges that AEW faces as well as avoiding the mistakes that WCW made to the point where they went out of business.

“It’s gonna be a challenge every week to provide a compelling product, as we go forward and deliver something people want to see regularly, that people will pay to see, and that will make it a profitable business. I think that’s very important, I think it will be on the company to deliver something that people want to see, and I think we have the performers that can deliver that, we have the brainpower within the organization to deliver that. So, I think it’s not gonna be easy, everyone has to work really hard, but I think that’s the challenge that everybody’s up too.”

Khan continued by stating, “I wanna grow this into being something, that the wrestling community will embrace top to bottom, beginning to end, every show. We’re going to give you things you’re going to enjoy. I don’t want to give anything you’re not going to enjoy now. There is no reason for that. I think what we have is a group of people with so much talent, and so much wrestling know how. I think we’re going to generate a wrestling show like really feels like a live show, that truly anything can have. You don’t want to look half assed deal, you want spontaneity. People had no idea what we are going to do.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc for the transcript

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