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Tony Khan disinvited Ric Flair from his birthday party, AEW plans nixed because of Dark Side of the Ring - per Mark Madden

Tony Khan

Tony Khan

As was noted last night, Ric Flair and Mark Madden's friendship has ended after 35 years and things got pretty toxic between them on Twitter.

Among the things said by Madden last night is that Flair was planning on working in AEW but that changed when the Dark Side of the Ring episode on the Plane Ride From Hell aired.

Madden tweeted, "Ric was planning to work at AEW ‘til the Dark Side ep. Not sure what Tony Khan thought. Khan doesn’t talk to Ric now. Disinvited Ric from his b’day party."

Prior to the Dark Side episode, there were tons of rumors about Flair debuting in AEW and Flair was traveling with Andrade El Idolo. The belief was Flair would start as Andrade's manager.

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There's a lot more on Madden's timeline but here's just a sample of what he has tweeted in the last few hours.

"Have another drink. God gave you the gift of life a few years back, &you thank him by getting ***t-faced every single night like you are right now. You are the greatest wrestler ever. What you’ve become is sad."

"Listen...I am so sorry it came to this. But I’m not the reason it came to this. I took the high road& he just couldn’t do that. He lied to me, then embarrassed me. ***k that. I don’t give a ***k who he is."

"I’ve got 5 DMs from wrestlers using words like “petty” and “pathetic.” And not in reference to me."

"I still love @MsCharlotteWWE &will always root for her. I have much respect for @HeyHeyItsConrad. But this has nothing to do with them."

"He was never my friend. He actually said that tonight in a phone msg."