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Tony Khan media call recap: Cody Rhodes, Trios Titles, AEW streaming deal, Jeff Hardy, Cesaro, video game

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

Thanks to's Samira and Strike_Gently on Reddit for the recap from the media call:

  • Tony Khan welcomes everyone to the call and says tonight is a big night with a big announcement.
  • Tony tells F4W says he's given hints, but doesn't want to give away too much. He says he thinks it's a major announcement that is great for fans and wrestlers.
  • Tony Khan says he believes there's better representation now than there's been before in #AEW in terms of diversity. Mentions the amount of diverse talent being pushed right now is helping grow the numbers in those respective metrics.
  • Khan says growing the African American audience is very important to the company.
  • As far as the next TV deal/negotiations, Tony Khan says the goal is to be the strongest the company has ever been when it comes time to sign the new deal. Believes Turner is very happy with the performance of AEW programming.
  • Tony is asked about upcoming TV deal negotiations, he says they are trying to be in the best position they can be when those come up.
  • Tony Khan talking now about #AEW headed west for some shows. Says he believes more shows will be coming. A lot of the shows they've done since returning have been makeup dates.
  • Tony Khan believes #AEWRevolution will set the tone for 2022 with a great show.
  • Tony Khan tells Greg Oliver it's tough to manage a huge roster, but they have a really great one, and it's a very exciting one to add to.
  • In regards to Cody Rhodes: "It was very sad to see Cody and Brandi leave AEW. I haven't said much, but what I do have to say is very positive. I thank them for helping grow the company and I wish them the best."- Tony Khan
  • Tony Khan speaking highly of Thunder Rosa/Britt Baker. Big praise for the lights out match. Says the championship being on the line makes it a huge match.
  • Mike Johnson asks about a potential streaming deal for AEW. Tony Khan says he's been asked that several times today, and he thinks that would be great for the wrestling world and fans, and it makes sense. Regarding a streaming service for an AEW library, Khan says AEW is looking to do one and that there are great potential opportunities to build one with current partners.
  • Tony Khan praises the "Who We Are" music, says it will be up to the talent to decide if they want to use the music as their entrance music.
  • Tony Khan tells Chris Mueller he's leaving things up to a lot of the wrestlers if they want to use the Who We Are songs as their official themes. He says Scorpio Sky was a name interested in doing that.
  • Khan says match order for #AEWRevolution will be a challenge to put together, but that means the card is as deep and strong as they've ever put together.
  • Tony Khan just talked about how difficult deciding the match order will be. Page vs. Cole will be very difficult to follow the tag title and dog collar match and the Danielson match.
  • Tony Khan confirms they're looking at some bigger venues for AEW PPVs, as evidenced with T-Mobile Arena. Said in this case it made sense
  • Nothing to announce today, but Tony Khan reiterates, as he has on multiple calls, he'd like to bring #AEW to the UK, particularly, Craven Cottage.
  • Tony Khan tells Nick Hausman that he likes Jeff Hardy a lot, but he's still under contract to another company. He'd love to have Jeff Hardy, but doesn't think it should be a "foregone conclusion"
  • Re: Cody's contract situation. Tony Khan says he tried to reach a longer agreement beyond the option years with Cody Rhodes, and it seemed like it would happen, but when they couldn't settle it, the last thing he wanted to do was keep someone there that didn't want to be.
  • Tony Khan puts over @MikeyRukus. Says the concert this weekend is a great chance for him to play live. Thinks it's a great opportunity for the fans to have fun and do something different.
  • Tony Khan says RJ City does a great job as a content creator. He's in Jacksonville to create content on the road to Revolution.
  • Tony Khan says that when Kenny Omega comes back, they're more likely to do a trios title. He thinks that helps bolster that division with Kenny Omega back in the fold. It certainly seems like Trios Titles are coming to AEW in the future
  • Tony Khan says MJF has given some of the best promos in modern wrestling. Says his promo last week moved a lot of people, and it was more impactful because people didn't expect it.
  • Khan calls MJF an extraordinary performer and person.
  • Tony tells Will Washington that Britt Baker vs. Thunder Rosa isn't going on last, but it's one of the biggest match they have. He says they're absolutely main event worthy
  • He then says they've worked a lot on the match card, praises Hangman's progress as champion. He confirms Hangman/Cole will get the Main Event spot.
  • Khan said nobody has had better matches than Hangman since winning the title saying the Hangman-Cole is last, saying Hangman vs. Danielson I & II and vs. Archer are three of the best matches and he believes in Cole.
  • TK likes Cesaro/Claudio a lot and is open to him joining AEW
  • They will be recording some video game content at AEW Dark with the audience. They've recorded some voiceovers lately.
  • Says he loves having Cody Rhodes, but he's done two All Out shows without Cody. They're confident they can continue to put on great shows without him.
  • Tony Khan tells Bill Pritchard that Orange Cassidy and Danhausen are way different talent. There's plenty of appeal, but they're not exactly the same. They compliment each other well. He puts over Orange Cassidy for helping draw good numbers for his matches
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