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AEW President Tony Khan did an interview with Steven Muehlhausen of DAZN to promote tonight’s AEW Dynamite, which is an anniversary show.

During it, he spoke about who has stepped up to the plate since what happened in the aftermath of All Out fight involving CM Punk, The Young Bucks, Ace Steel, and Kenny Omega

"I think a lot of fans would see they've both had an incredible run of matches including against each other at Quake by the Lake in August. Since the Grand Slam tournament champions started, we've been on a great run. And I think they're leaders backstage. And I think Bryan Danielson also is a huge part of this. Moxley and Chris have been here from the very beginning and Bryan stepped in and has been one of the most prominent people on the TV shows. 

So he's a huge part of it. Backstage, I think they're all leaders, and have helped us get through this period. Bryan was out for a while and since Bryan came back, it's been some of the best TV we've done. I am grateful that he's been a big part of it, because it's been great to have Bryan in the shows. 

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He's one of the best wrestlers in the world snd he's also been in some of the best matches this year, including against both the people I just named, against Jon Moxley, and Chris Jericho. Both on screen and off screen, I think they're just a hugely valuable presence in AEW."

Khan also talked about where he would be if Moxley, Danielson, and Jericho weren't in AEW and where they rank in terms of importance to the company. Check out the full interview here.