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Tony Khan not commenting on MJF situation - full notes from AEW Double Or Nothing media scrum



Here are some notes from the AEW Double Or Nothing media scrum:

Up first was CM Punk.

CM Punk talked about AEW being a team effort and a team environment backstage. He gave Tony Khan the credit for bringing him back to pro wrestling and he will do everything to bring more money to everybody's pockets.

Punk was asked about the promo with Hangman Page last Sunday. Punk said that if there are people backstage that don't like him, it's a minority and "nobodies don't like me and nobodies don't want me here."

Punk said his 7 years out of the ring weren't wasted but his years in WWE were wasted and he reached the potential he could have with the limitations that WWE puts on wrestlers and in AEW there are no limits put on wrestlers. Punk said he chipped his tooth during his match.

Punk was asked about Eric Bischoff's comments. Tony Khan said that Bischoff saying Punk is a business flop is "f**king bullsh*t." He said every pay-per-view has broken a record since he signed with the company. Punk said he wants to focus on positives and people like Bischoff need to die in the dark.

Punk said tonight is the only time he missed the Buckshot Lariat and he will beat himself about it way too much but mistakes happen. Punk said Ospreay, Okada, and Tanahashi are guys he wants to wrestle. He also listed Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley, Jungle Boy, Ricky Starks, FTR again, and Will Hobbs.

Punk said he tops this by telling great stories with the big focus being on wrestling. He said this is the first time in his career he's being comfortable being the good guy because he feels more connected with the audience.

He didn't want to rate this match because he is his own worst critic. Khan said that got pretty close to making a deal during the pandemic and things lined up last year and the United Center was available. Punk talked about wanting to be a locker room leader and he's excited to go to Chicago. He noted that he's been doing TV projects and he hasn't been home in a while so he hopes to stay healthy and he's excited to go home.

Punk was asked if he thinks he is at his best right now. He says he feels like he's in his prime and AEW makes him better than ever because he can reach his full potential. He said that this is what pro wrestling should be.

Punk says he doesn't feel the pressure to follow up the other matches on the card because he has the experience and he can change things based on what other people have done and he can adapt.

Up next is TBS Champion Jade Cargill.

Cargill was asked about the work she's done to improve in the ring. Cargill said she is entering her second year and she's working with Bryan Danielson and her progression is amazing. She said, "I feel like I'm killing sh**"

On how she has adapted to her life as a pro wrestler. She said it's different and she's still learning.

She put over Stokely Hathaway as the best talker in the game and Tony Khan made the best decision to bring him in. Khan said Stokely's non-compete expired yesterday and he never met or talked with him until today.

Cargill was asked about there being more women's matches on this show. Cargill said it feels great and her first AEW promo was about elevating the division. She said women's wrestling just needs to continue to get bigger.

Jade renamed the Cody-elevator and it's now called the Money Lift.

Cargill talked about wanting to reach another demographic that AEW currently does have such as a fashion designer or make-up artist or a girlfriend that's not into wrestling.

Cargill said she wants to be on the Sports Illustrated Body Issue and she wants to see the women crossover to fashion and catwalks.

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Cargill praised Sonny Kiss as an amazing person and The Baddies are crowded right now and she would love to add Sonny Kiss but they are "loaded right now."

Khan said that based on digital buys, tonight is a record for Double Or Nothing.

Up next is Chris Jericho.

On his match with put together with so much insanity. Jericho praised the AEW production team. He said the thinking was that they wanted to do something in the spirit of the Stadium Stamped but in the live arena. He said the placement of the match in the show was the right place. Khan said the Anarchy in the Arena match can be a staple match for AEW in place of Stadium Stampede.

On Moxley's theme playing during the match, Jericho thought about how New Jack's theme added excitement during his matches.

On his weight loss, he said he changed his diet around for health reasons that he will explain at some point. He said it's become a way of life.

Jericho talked about how the Jericho Appreciation Society was formed. He wanted to bring in 2Point0 into a new faction. He praised Matt Menard as one of the best characters on the show.

Jericho was asked how he's able to get things over such as The List and the bubbly. Jericho said he is great at reading the room. He admitted that "GFY" died when Jon Moxley said "Go F**k yourself" on Dynamite.

Jericho praised guys like Swerve Strickland and Malakai Black for being creative.

Jericho is really happy for CM Punk being the World Champion and it's the perfect way to end the PPV.

Up next is Tony Khan.

On MJF, Khan said he won't comment on that.

On the length of the show, Khan said he will follow the feedback of the fans. He said he added to the time to help the show make money and it made a 6 or 7 figure difference in the bottom line.

Khan talked about the AEW ratings and said the shows have done well up against the NBA Playoffs and AEW ranks in the top among all TV shows.

He said they did a record gate for Double Or Nothing and it was a hot crowd. He thanked Dana White for the advice he's given. Khan said he doesn't always plan to go so late on PPVs.

Khan said when Hangman took time off last year, he doesn't think some bosses would have held things in place for him when he returned and he could have gone with people with more experience but he believes in Hangman.

On how he is juggling ROH, AEW and everything he does, he said April and May have been busy months. He said that ROH sale just closed and Sinclair was good to work with. He said that he wasn't sure that the deal would close in time for the show at Daily's Place and so an interim agreement was reached. He talked about flying around the country for Dynamite and the NFL Draft and Zoom calls. He went back to talking about longer shows.

Khan said he did a lot of press this week and calls with the CEO of Fulham. On Thursday, he was up at 5 am to get ready for radio interviews until noon and he went to meet with Warner Bros. Discovery execs and he is happy with how things are going. Khan talked as if he sees AEW as part of Warner Bros. Discovery for a long time.

Khan said that another reason why he extended the show is he told Martha Hart to talk as long as she wants with no limits.