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Tony Khan appeared on "Busted Open" where he discussed Santana's injury, as well as whether or not Forbidden Door will be a yearly PPV.

Tony Khan was asked about Santana’s injury:

"So he is injured. It's unfortunate," Khan said.

"Obviously it's a very dangerous match. Going into it, we knew injuries are a possibility. Santana is a great pro wrestler. He's been part of a great tag team with Ortiz. We really value him. I did speak to him after. I know he's injured. We're going to stand by Santana, support him through the injury, and do what we can. I think it's the right thing to do."

"Of course, hopefully, it won't be too long, but I think it could be a relatively long injury. So it could be a while that Santana's out, but we're here for him for whatever he needs and certainly really appreciate everything he's done for AEW and will do going forward. It's unfortunate that the Blood and Guts match does come with injuries. It was a knee injury that he suffered and hopefully he'll be back relatively soon.”

Tony was asked if he thinks he will have a yearly Forbidden Door PPV:

"Well, it's a great question. I think we've had a great response to everything we did last week. It was a huge week for us. The Forbidden Door Pay-per-view was a big success. We estimate about 127,000 buys right now. With replay buys trickling in, it was ahead of all projections and expectations. I absolutely would love to do it again and I think we will do it again going forward."

"This is our second year doing Blood and Guts. It’s also the second year in a row that Blood and Guts Wednesday Night Dynamite was the number one show on cable on a Wednesday. I look forward to a third Blood and Guts match in the future. Certainly the debut of the Royal Rampage, the inaugural event, was a big success for us. It got great attention for Rampage and really did something I wanted, which was to put a lot of spotlight on Rampage and get a great result for that show.”

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“All these events were really successful for us. So I do think this is something we could do going forward, having a big summer with a Forbidden Door, Blood and Guts, and following up with a Royal Rampage. Hopefully people will look forward to it next year." 

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