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Tony Khan

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Tony Khan on how AEW was able to use Bash at the Beach trademark

Earlier this week, AEW announced “Bash at the Beach,” a nine-day experience for superfans that features two Dynamite shows and a cruise onboard Chris Jericho’s tricked-out party ship.

It all starts when AEW airs the January 15 episode of Dynamite on TNT at the Watsco Center at the University of Miami for a Bash at the Beach themed episode.

During the Jericho cruise, AEW will tape an episode of Dynamite on January 22 and air it the following night on TNT. 

AEW President Tony Khan made an appearance on the WINCLY podcast where he spoke about securing the trademark to the name. 

“Cody went on a trademark binge one night and he texted me, ‘Conrad and I were up all night trademarking stuff.’ One of the things that came out of it was Bash at the Beach. So, when he said that we thought of a way to use it… and the unique idea was to go to Miami in January,” said Khan.

Khan added that the reason that AEW was able to get the trademark is due to the owner of the original Bash at the Beach trademark let it lapse. This happened when MLW had the rights to the WarGames trademark before selling it back to WWE.

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