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Tony Khan on wrestlers used for the Supercard of Honor: "I thought this was the best people Ring of Honor had to offer."

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

Tony Khan appeared on "My Mom's Basement" this week to talk about Danhausen and Orange Cassidy, the differences between running an AEW and ROH show, and when ROH's library might be available.

Tony Khan talking about the status of Danhausen and Orange Cassidy:

"Danhausen has a great fan base. He's so entertaining," Khan said.

"I think he's found great friends in AEW with The Best Friends, and I think it's ironic timing because Danhausen is actually injured, and I thought Danhausen and Orange Cassidy would have a lot of chemistry, and then Orange Cassidy got badly injured right as they kind of connected with each other. In fact, it was a match at Revolution where Danhausen got involved where Orange Cassidy actually got injured," he continued.

Khan was asked if there was any differences between running the ROH show and AEW shows:

"I was in the chair doing the same job I do at AEW, so that part of it was the same. I have the same job," he said.

"But it was different because I was meeting a lot of people for the first time. It was pretty surreal. The people that were there seemed very happy to be there because there were obviously other people from Ring of Honor who didn't make the cut, frankly, and hadn't gotten the call to come work on this show. I thought this was the best people Ring of Honor had to offer, a lot of their best stars."

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"There are other people that are awesome that I would also like to use. But I thought this was a great lineup of Ring of Honor's champions and the great Ring of Honor announce team and the production staff, and working with a lot of awesome people for the first time and getting to know them. Then there were other people backstage who I'd never met before that were not on this show, but that I did get introduced to who were involved in Ring of Honor."

"As I try to shape what it's going to be going forward, I definitely want to stay true to what Ring of Honor was and honor great fans who followed it."

On if he has a timeline on when he thinks the Ring of Honor tape library will be made available:

"I don't know. I can't promise the timeline, but I'm definitely going to make sure that the fans are able to access the classic Ring of Honor library," Tony said.

"There's a lot of stuff that's been available on the Honor Club, but I think we can incentivize fans to check out a lot more historical Ring of Honor content because a lot of these great wrestlers are stars in AEW now. Some of the biggest names in AEW were also some of the biggest names in Ring of Honor."

You can view Tony Khan's entire interview with "My Mom's Basement" below.

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