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Tony Khan promises Hangman Page vs. CM Punk won't start until a potential Heat/Celtics game 7 ends

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

This week on "AEW Unrestricted," Tony Khan updated us on his plan for the Adam Page vs CM Punk match at Double or Nothing.

"I think what I'm going to do is stick with one match at the Buy-In and get to the wrestling a little bit later because we're here on the West Coast with an early start time for the Buy-In. Really the Buy-In is going to start at 4pm Pacific and 7pm Eastern," he said.

"I think as far as wrestling, we'll get to that a little bit later and pace ourselves for the action. It's a huge weekend in sports. I was here 10 years ago in Vegas for the Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley world title fight at the MGM Grand in 2012. It's pretty amazing because in 2012 in the NBA Conference Finals, you had the Heat and the Celtics that went to a game seven. Here we are 10 years later, and there is some possibility that we could see the Heat and the Celtics at this point, we don't know, but could go to game seven."

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"If it were to go to a game seven, we have a contingency plan. We'll get started with a live Pay-Per-View broadcast probably just before that game would tip off, but I don't care if it goes long, even if it went to overtime, I'm planning ahead. I've thought about this ahead long before I had any idea it would be the Heat and Celtics which is pretty amazing 10 years later."

"But having been in Vegas at that fight and remembering the long delay because they didn't want to put the world title main event in the ring for Pacquiao vs Bradley until that game was over and really getting that settled, it was a long delay. We're going to have great action up the way. This is going to be an awesome show. There's so much in store and it's going to be a great night. Just like with UFC or the biggest boxing matches, you're going to get this big prize fight."

"I promise that Hangman Page versus CM Punk for the world championship is not going to go to the ring until after game seven, if there is a game seven. So it leaves it open even for those diehard fans of those teams if there is a Heat-Celtics game seven. I promise just like Bob Arum did, another promoter here in Vegas, said that Pacquiao-Bradley was not going to go to the ring, I promise we'll hold it back because we've planned ahead in case there was a game seven not knowing who it would be. But it might not even happen, but if it does, we're prepared."

"Just like UFC and boxing when that main event gets to the ring, it will be the perfect time, but we're going to have a great show with great action. There's big matches on the card already top to bottom. We don't have that same out on Pay-Per-View that we normally have, that same hard out at the same time. So it's interesting because for any reason if we think it makes sense to add more action, we have that ability.”

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