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Tony Khan reportedly taking more creative control in AEW

Tony Khan

All Elite Wrestling

It looks like All Elite Wrestling (AEW) president Tony Khan is taking a bigger role within the company's creative department.

Khan has always been the man who has "final say" on things creatively, but now it sounds like he's taking a bit more charge. According to a report from Fightful, multiple people within AEW claim Khan, specifically, has "evolved" from being the person who just has the final say, and is now developing more stories and ideas on his own. He's also being more outspoken regarding other people's ideas. The report adds that Khan's creative input has been well-received by people on the roster.

The Hangman Page storyline, specifically, is one that Khan has worked closely on and is said to have contributed heavily to. Kenny Omega was credited with the idea of turning Britt Baker heel, and the promo lines about Tony Schiavone's job reportedly came from Khan. Other names that have been outspoken as of late include AEW World Champion Chris Jericho. The report adds that Khan's growing input isn't diminishing the influence of any other executive vice presidents, he's simply adding to the team.

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