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Tony Khan shot down dream sequence idea from Chris Jericho, David Arquette was discussed for town hall segment

Tony Khan was on “AEW Unrestricted” this week with Tony Schiavone and Aubrey Edwards. Khan was on to preview this Saturday’s Full Gear pay-per-view. He also gave some insight into some of the current storylines, including the Jericho-MJF duet segment from a couple of weeks ago.

Khan talked about what Chris Jericho wanted the dance segment with MJF to be: “Chris comes in with a lot of ideas and like with all things, I think almost every idea Chris has is great. That idea I thought was great and I still think that idea to get buzz on that match and build on that story has brought in a ton of attention. Then the follow-up, the town hall which I think is more of a conventional wrestling segment in a lot of ways, did incredibly well. So many of Chris’ ideas are great. A lot of what you see are Chris’ own ideas. I love working with Chris and putting together stuff for the show. Chris has ideas for other people too. He’s a phenomenal wrestling genius. This was something where Chris came in and he pitched it. The one thing that I took exception to is he pitched a dream sequence that it would be a dream sequence where they would start singing. I said, no, we are not going to do that.  We can’t do that. I can’t cannibalize the show like that, but I do love the idea of Chris and Max singing because Chris is a great singer and Max has a background in theatre and singing. Both have great voices. I think for me, I’m a huge fan of both guys and I thought this could be great. I loved the idea of them singing after going out for the steak dinner. I think it’s tremendous. If I could do something again in hindsight, and we all agreed on this, I brought this up and everybody thought it was a good point, is that I would have done it in the ring. I would rather have done it in the ring. It would have been challenging doing it live, but we could have even taped it in the ring and it could have come off great. I was not going to do it as a dream sequence, but the idea of Chris and Max singing really appealed to me and it still does. It definitely created a conversation around this match. Now they are going to have a wrestling match and anybody who watches wrestling wants to see Chris Jericho and MJF wrestle.”

Khan mentioned who he wanted to be part of the town hall with Jericho and MJF: “I also had an idea to use David Arquette. He would have been good too. David Arquette was the original person I wanted to use in Peter Avalon’s spot asking if he could join the Inner Circle.”

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