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Tony Khan teases a new member joining NJPW's Chaos stable tonight on AEW Dynamite

New Japan Pro Wrestling/All Elite Wrestling

New Japan Pro Wrestling/All Elite Wrestling

Tony Khan appeared on Busted Open Radio today to talk about the upcoming Full Gear PPV coming up this Saturday night. The show can be ordered at in the United States and Canada and on FITE TV for the rest of the world.

“I’ve been excited about Full Gear for a long, long time," Khan said. "The card has really come together. I think it’s been the talk of wrestling for the past week. The CM Punk vs Eddie Kingston match, I think generated a lot of headlines last Friday on Rampage. The segment that they had got more buzz than anything I’ve seen in a while. Really, I think it built their match at Full Gear. I think a lot of people are really excited about Eddie Kingston vs CM Punk now."

Khan also said he's really excited about the main event between AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and Hangman Adam Page.

"Kenny vs Hangman is a match people have been looking forward to for years," Khan said. "It’s something that even when they were the World Tag Team Champions, I think everybody had a feeling someday it’s going to be Kenny vs Hangman for the World Title. On the other hand, CM Punk vs Eddie Kingston is a match that a year ago nobody would have thought was possible and nobody would have expected to see in AEW. I think the Full Gear card has something for everybody, and most importantly, it’s going to have a lot of great wrestling. For me, I think the subject I’ve heard the most about, and people have been asking me about the most, has definitely been Kingston vs Punk.”

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Khan continued, “Kenny vs Hangman is a great example where you do have a long-term vision. We’ve been thinking about this program for a long time. Really, this is a huge step in the journey of both men. I think Kenny Omega and Hangman Page, in some ways, this is not the end of a journey. It’s the beginning of a journey for both men. I think when they were World Tag Team Champions, I absolutely was looking ahead to this year thinking this is a huge match on the calendar. When they were the tag team champions, I think everybody knew that these were two future champions. You could tell there was a lot of tension in the team. They were always a tag team trying to one up each other. They had that classic match in 2020 against The Young Bucks. Even at the end of the match when they worked together and put together one of the biggest wins of the year, even there at the end of the match, there was that moment of tension. You could just tell it was going to be Kenny vs Hangman someday, and here we are. I think when you have a match like that where you’ve been looking forward to it for over a year, I think it’s something great that you don’t always get in wrestling, and when you do, you really treasure it because it’s hard to keep something bottled up that long and build it up that long. When these things come along, it’s fun to enjoy them.”

Tony Khan talking about Rocky Romero appearing on Dynamite tonight:

“There’s a lot of people here that really enjoy the bell to bell wrestling and love a good wrestling match, and you’re going to see that tonight. I’m going to open the forbidden door, and we’re going to have a representative from New Japan Pro Wrestling joining us tonight. Rocky Romero from the New Japan office has come in, and this is going to raise a lot of questions because when Rocky Romero visited us in the past, he sparked a reunion of a tag team in New Japan that was called Roppongi Vice, which is Rocky Romero and Trent Baretta. They were multiple time Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions. They were very successful, and they were members of an organization in New Japan called Chaos. When Orange Cassidy got involved and helped out Rocky Romero, and now with Orange Cassidy being in the corner of Rocky Romero tonight vs Bryan Danielson, it has raised some questions, namely, ‘Is Orange Cassidy part of Chaos with [Kazuchika] Okada [and] Ishii, and of course, Rocky Romero who is wrestling on TNT tonight?’ I think we will get some of those questions answered tonight on TNT. I’m also really looking forward just as a wrestling fan and somebody who loves the matches to seeing Romero vs Danielson tonight.”

On Twitter, Khan asked fans to get their friends to watch tonight because tonight's show would be a great night to get a friend to start watching AEW.

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