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Tony Khan wrote recent AEW Dynamite episodes by himself, more backstage details

Tony Khan

All Elite Wrestling

A new report has surfaced online that gave some insight into the recent creative process of AEW. reports that AEW President & CEO Tony Khan is responsible for writing the last few weeks of Dynamite episodes, which were taped in Georgia.

It was also noted how Khan knew he would have a very small crew due to the travel restrictions caused by the coronavirus outbreak. Thus, he sat down and wrote four episodes of Dynamite "on the fly" at once all by himself in just minutes.

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Also, it was noted how AEW Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes was very instrumental in helping Khan put things together. He was described as Khan’s right-hand man in this situation as he was hands-on with his own programs and with helping other wrestlers.

AEW’s creative process was described as "trial by fire" with Khan writing the shows around the TNT Title tournament in addition to using local talents. The shows that were taped in Georgia were built around the idea of presenting them as being similar in nature to old school territorial TV show but with a spin of AEW.

This is due to Khan being a big fan of promotions such as Memphis Wrestling and Continental Championship Wrestling.

Chris Jericho received praise for his work on commentary and the vignettes for The Inner Circle. In fact, the former AEW World Champion did the commentary with less than 24 hours notice.