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Tony Schiavone's latest "What Happened When" podcast is up now at 

Schiavone compared pre-tapes to live interviews for AEW:

“I don’t mind doing pre-tapes, and I’m talking about with talent in the back, but I would rather do live interviews any day of the week because it makes the wrestlers, it makes it on point. A live interview is always better than a pre-tape. That’s why a lot of times when we’re doing backstage interviews, most of the stuff we do with Jericho is live because he wants to do it live, and I wish other wrestlers were like that too, but a lot of wrestlers are young and they’re not as experienced in doing promos as Jericho. Man, the art of the promo. It just amazes me that more wrestlers don’t concern themselves with it.”

Schiavone talked about working with Eddie Kingston in AEW:

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“Eddie Kingston is the best, the absolute best. I’ve told him this before. I just absolutely love Eddie Kingston. I tell him that we are a better company with you in it. He’ll say, ‘Schiavone, stop saying that’, and I’ll say ‘It’s true because you always give us your very best performance.’”

“He’s another one who loves to do his promos live too instead of pre-tape. Man, I’m so glad I got to know Eddie Kingston. I really am. He is truly, of all the years I’ve done wrestling, one of my favorite guys.”

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