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Tony Schiavone reveals his favorite announcers he's ever worked with during his career

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

On this week's "What Happened When," Tony Schiavone talked about Superbrawl VI, remembering Sherri Martel being fired from WCW, and his thoughts on working with other announcers.

Tony Schiavone remembering Sherri Martel being fired from WCW:

“I think we all expected it," he shared. "We all knew that she was having personal problems, and I think it was no surprise that she finally got the ax."

"I think many of us were, and and I know speaking for myself, I think many of us were sad because I mean, we liked her. (Bobby) Heenan always rolled his eyes about her. He was scared of her, like you know she was like out of control, she comes over towards us at ringside, and you never know what she's going to do."

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"I think I had a lot more in my heart for her than Heenan did, and Heenan of course worked with her in the WWF all those years. But I felt sorry for her and felt sad, and still do. I feel sorry about her life because I know she had a lot of personal problems and she passed away young."

"If you take a look at managers and female wrestlers, she was one of the best. She was one of the best managers. Of course probably a lot of times she was coked out, but she was so active at ringside and so into the matches. She was better than anybody else when she was on her game.”

Schiavone on working with other announcers:

“I've been asked who has been the best guy I've ever worked? The best color guy I've ever worked with was Jesse Ventura," Schiavone revealed.

"The best announcer I've ever worked with, just me and him side by side, was J.R. because I thought J.R. made me better as an announcer. The most fun I've ever had working with a team was working with Heenan and Dusty together. We had a blast.”

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