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On, Tony Schiavone took some fan questions. Schiavone was asked what Chris Jericho is now in charge of:

"He's going to be, he's just kind of a leader of the locker room. That's basically all that I know about it. When we have locker room meetings, he kind of runs things. There's a number of athletes that he's kind of in charge of their creative, and other than that, he's just a guy that has a lot of clout, and because he has a lot of clout, when he says something, the wrestlers take it to heart. I don't know if he really has an official title like we do, but I just know that that's kind of what he's doing. Call It the team captain for lack of a better word."

On the rumor that Schiavone is Tony Khan’s right hand man:

"I did a search on the internet and it came up that Tony Schiavone was now number two and Tony Khan's right hand man and I thought (he laughs), okay, as long as the wrestlers believe that, what hell, because that's furthest from the truth. Tony Khan does not have a number two. He's his own number two.”

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