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The list of injuries seems to increase by the week in AEW and it seems as if more wrestlers have been injured during the past month than at any point in the company's history.

Dave Meltzer wrote about the injury situation in AEW and he categorized it as a giant story that needs to be addressed. The feeling has always been that if wrestlers would get more time off then they would get injured less because they have time to recover but now it looks as if the injury rate has increased and AEW wrestlers work a lot less than WWE talent.

It was reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Adam Cole is believed to have a very serious concussion, which is what led to the awkward finish to the IWGP Title match at Forbidden Door where he was pinned by Jay White. Cole had already been wrestling with a torn labrum. As seen at the pay-per-view, he had his shoulder taped up.

It's unclear if Tony Khan sees the rash of injuries as a problem or just a fluke and it could just boil down to telling wrestlers to reduce the number of crazy moves and stunts they do in matches. The latest injury happened on Dynamite during the Blood and Guts match when Santana hurt his leg but that one would be considered a fluke injury. One could argue that crazy spots should be kept to a minimum or at least for pay-per-views.

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Meltzer wrote, "But they really need to cut back on crazy stunts and ladders and the high-risk stuff on television, particularly now when people aren’t even moved by it past every table break is an easy pop, but there are a million, so sure it’s a pop, but it means little after the pop. It’s best to increase the value and spectacularness of the table breaks or the ladder bump or the balcony dive by doing them less often."