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Two AEW stars publicly praise company for precautionary COVID-19 measures

One of the hot topics the past few weeks has been the way that WWE has handled their coronavirus testing procedures at television events.

Of course, once a developmental talent, who worked as a fan at a recent set of TV tapings, tested positive for the virus, WWE officials realized that this one talent could infect several people. Thus, WWE started doing COVID-19 testing.

All Elite Wrestling has been doing actual coronavirus tests for everyone at Dynamite TV tapings since May. The testing procedures are being done as a way to screen wrestlers and staff for the virus.

AEW commentator and manager Taz and active wrestler Matt Hardy took to Twitter earlier today to put over the promotion for doing testing.

Taz wrote, “When I travel my mask stays on always, when I go into a store/business my mask is on. I always have hand sanitizer in my pocket & social distancing is vital. I’m blessed to work for a company who has been Blood Testing all of us in #AEW from the START of this Pandemic.”

Hardy responded to the tweet sent out by Taz and added, “Same. THIS is the unselfish mentality it’s going to take to control the spread of this virus. I am also very thankful for @AEWrestling’s thoroughness throughout this pandemic.”


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