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Update on Lance Archer after scary spot on AEW Dynamite

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

Fans in the building in Orlando reported that Lance Archer was seen walking after the scary spot during his match with Eddie Kingston on AEW Dynamite.

As previously noted, Archer attempted to hit a moonsault off the top rope and he didn't rotate enough. Archer ended up landing on his head and it was immediately clear that he was hurt.

Doctor Sampson checked on Archer and the match ended quickly with Kingston rolling him up. The spot looked horrendous but it's good news that he was able to walk under his own power. Presumably, there will be tests done to check the severity of his injury.

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Archer tweeted the following after Dynamite: "Listen. We choose to do this and take our health n lives in our hands every night. I’ve done that move hundreds of times over my career. Just under rotated. Coulda been MUCH worse. Thank you to ALL at @AEW for taking AMAZING care of me and protecting me. I’ll BE BACK!"