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Video shows Jeff Hardy telling police that he was about to see a doctor to get a brain scan

TMZ has posted video of Jeff Hardy's arrest. Their report noted that three officers were apparently so concerned about his state when they pulled him over that they drew their guns and pointed them at him.

The video shows cops stopping Hardy's Dodge Charger on the freeway, seemingly because Jeff was not complying. You eventually see the driver's side door open and Jeff being backed away from the car. Thankfully, things did not escalate.

Jeff is then asked if he knows why there were several 911 calls made about his erratic driving. Jeff then apparently told police that he drank double shots of Fireball before driving. Hardy also told cops that he had a doctor's appointment for his head to do a brain scan.

Hardy was eventually told that he was "under the arrest for the offense of DUI." According to police documents, Hardy blew a .291 and a .294 on the breathalyzer test. he was bonded out of jail on Monday evening.

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Click below to see the arrest video.