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Brandi and Cody Rhodes left AEW earlier this year, but it was only Cody who returned to WWE. He’s currently on the sidelines with a torn biceps injury that he suffered before his Hell in a Cell match with Seth Rollins.

It was previously reported that Brandi had participated in some matches at the WWE Performance Center this past summer, but there hasn’t been any updates regarding her future in the wrestling business since.

Fightful Select reported some news and notes on her status today. They haven’t heard of a deal being reached between WWE and Brandi. She was hopeful she could integrate KultureCity with WWE, as she's a board member of the former.

Although there hasn’t been any subsequent contact between All Elite Wrestling and Brandi, the media outlet did report that after a story recently reported by Fightful came out regarding Warner Bros. Discovery trying to help AEW re-sign Cody, “a source familiar with the situation did claim that Warner Bros Discovery had made contact with Brandi in September of 2022.”

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Brandi and WBD aren't typically in regular contact, but have maintain a cordial relationship. There’s also no word yet on the context of the conversation.

WBD sources did indicated they've been very happy with AEW and its television ratings, specifically in recent months.