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WATCH: Cody Rhodes responds to Dustin Rhodes and takes a shot at Triple H and the Attitude Era

The latest episode of “AEW – The Road to Double Or Nothing” has been posted and this one is short and to the point.

In this episode, Cody Rhodes responds to Dustin Rhodes’ claims about his brother trying to put him out to pasture. Cody says that is not the case but what he is trying to do is finally kill off the Attitude Era and shine a light on the current generation.

Cody also took a subtle (or maybe not so subtle shot) at a bodybuilder “pissant” in another company. He doesn’t say his name but it’s clear he is talking about Triple H and the “pissant” comment is the response to what was said during the DX speech at the WWE Hall Of Fame.

The build-up for AEW Double Or Nothing has been great so far and the promo below from Cody just took things up a notch.

Click below to watch:


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