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WATCH: Ric Flair takes bumps again in the ring with Jay Lethal

Ric Flair's YouTube

Ric Flair's YouTube

Ric Flair returned to the wrestling ring today in another practice session with Jay Lethal.

He captioned the post with, “A Great Champion Deals With Setback, With A Comeback! WOOOOO!” Lethal and Flair had a memorable feud in TNA Wrestling where Lethal would impersonate Flair.

The WWE Hall Of Famer first trained with the AEW star last month. Flair has previously stated that his health is good after almost dying a few years ago and having a pacemaker inserted into his chest.

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However, Flair has also said that while he feels like he could still wrestle, he described himself as a “cosmetic nightmare.” During his last run in WWE, the company didn’t allow him to take bumps.

In late March, Flair stopped working with Mark Madden on his weekly podcast and has since paired with his son-in-law Conrad Thompson for a new podcast that has a different format. The legendary wrestler recently named Charlotte Flair and Randy Orton as the two best wrestlers in the business today.