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WATCH: Shad Khan on his investment in AEW, supporting Tony Khan’s passion

Shad Khan

Jacksonville Jaguars owner and Tony Khan’s father, Shad Khan, who is the lead investor in AEW, did a recent interview with Forbes where he spoke about a wide range of topics. 

During the interview, Khan talked about the business aspect of All Elite Wrestling. Khan started out by stating that this is one of those cases whereas a father, you don’t mind being wrong. 

Khan stated that his son has a passion for wrestling and AEW was his idea so since they have the financial means, he figured he would try it. 

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“You get to a stage in life where you can fail and it’s not life-threatening and this was one of those. I am as surprised as anybody.”

Khan was also asked about what drew him into the investment, which is where he noted that the golden age of wrestling would be in the late 90s with WCW and WWE. Although wrestling is scripted, there was real competition between the two companies. 

“In those days you had 10 million hardcore wrestling fans, today there are probably 2 million or less. So there was an audience that was underserved.”

Khan ended his discussion about AEW about the metrics of pay-per-view. His comments about AEW can be found in this video around the 11-minute mark: